We have gathered the best specialists from different countries with experience in Russian and international projects...


  • Anthony El Asmar Lead Architect

    Anthony El Asmar

  • Sanja Anicic Lead Architect

    Sanja Anicic

  • Ivana Barbulov Chief Project Architect

    Ivana Barbulov

  • Jelisej Chakan CEO

    Jelisej Chakan

  • Branislav Djuric Chief Project Architect

    Branislav Djuric

  • Elena Djuric Lead Architect

    Elena Djuric

  • Ibrahim Hassan Senior Project Manager

    Ibrahim Hassan

  • Julia Kadnikova Administrative director

    Julia Kadnikova

  • Nevena Stankovic Architect

    Nevena Stankovic

  • Olga Miskovic Architect

    Olga Miskovic

  • Sofija Masovic Architect

    Sofija Masovic

  • Layla Odeh Architect

    Layla Odeh

  • Mladen Miladinovic Lead 3D Artist

    Mladen Miladinovic

  • Margarita Ryltsova Architect

    Margarita Ryltsova

  • Alexandra Sotnikova Architect

    Alexandra Sotnikova

  • Anastasija Smetanko Designer

    Anastasija Smetanko

  • Borisa Corovic Bussines development director

    Borisa Corovic

  • Elena Milivojevic Architect

    Elena Milivojevic

  • Nikita Zaytsev Project Manager

    Nikita Zaytsev

  • Vanja Vujasinovic Architect

    Vanja Vujasinovic

  • Veronika Erofeeva Chief project architect

    Veronika Erofeeva

  • Danilo Vukosavljevic Head of the Architectural Department

    Danilo Vukosavljevic

  • Aleksandra Stefanovic Architect

    Aleksandra Stefanovic

  • Darya Novikova Architect

    Darya Novikova